Lilith Magazine
"A stunning debut, Rosett Rosett slips into the minds and hearts of her characters with thrilling intimacy."

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OC Weekly
"I have not read stories lately that, honestly, friends, made me immediately want to rush home to my wife and son like these did..."

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Huffington Post
"The title story Moving Waters explores sexuality, the end of a marriage and the healing effects of immersing in the mikveh."

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Jewish Daily Forward
"From female rabbis to queer congregants, Rosett's characters embody Jews who have only in the past generation become visible in American Jewish life."

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Lilith Magazine
"The Ultimate Seder — Food and Storytelling... Award-winning television writer Racelle Rosett, of "thirtysomething" and "Blossom," leads the service."

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"An inspiring heart opening story. Please read."

-Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

Moving Waters
"Racelle Rosett is the real thing."

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying

The False Bride
"Racelle Rosett lives in 2012 but writes like a timeless angel. If I had to pick someone to rewrite the Bible to make it relevant to my peers, she'd be the first person I'd dial."

-Jill Soloway, Writer/Director, "Afternoon Delight," and Jewish
innovator, East Side Jews


Q and A with Erika Dreifus
"The short story form made it possible to be with the characters in the quietest internal moments, things as quiet and private as prayer."

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"I have a strong belief in how we treat each other as human beings. That we have the ability to enact godliness towards one another."

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